Tuesday, February 5, 2008

#3 Now, ANYONE can get to Heaven

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I'm a little late with this, but sometimes writing is just as good to help the writer as the readers, so I'll post anyway.

* Would you be willing to endure suffering if it would bring glory to God and do His work?

I hope so, but I don't think you ever really know what you'll do until the time comes. In my heart I believe that in the face of REAL suffering, not just the scorn of unbelievers (or even just the fear of it), that I would be willing to suffer for Jesus, but until the time comes.... I think being in a position where you HAVE to choose and can't sit on the fence would really cement your faith; not like the society we live in where we can hide in the crowd and not stand out.

What is the cross you are presently carrying? How joyful are you about it?

The divorce from my wife. How can you be joyful about a divorce? I'm not joyful about the divorce it's self, but what God has taught me about Himself and me I know he couldn't have gotten me to listen any other way. He can, and does use pain in our lives to make us aware of our needs and make us willing to listen.

What was the last completely selfless (agape) thing you did?

I saw a man with a sign on the exit ramp I take home from work one day. His sign said he was hungry and needed money for food. I stopped and told him I would take him to Burger King. I told him to order anything he wanted and I talked with him about his situation. He was on his way home to Jackson MS from Atlanta when his van broke down. I gave him a ride to Meridian, rented a room at a motel for him, and gave him $30 for a bus home. I told Him Jesus loved him, and that I did too, and I wished him well. I don't know his name or anything else about him, but I pray God will bring him to a place of Salvation.

No time to answer more.